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How to create an NFT and sell it?


How to create an NFT and sell it?

Have you heard of NFTs and would you like to be part of the players in this great field? It's entirely possible. In fact, everyone is able to create their own NFTs and sell them on marketplaces. And it's not very complicated.


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Reminder : what is an NFT?

An NFT is a non-fungible token. The term “Fungible” refers to what can be exchanged by an analogue (such as money for example).

The token aspect recalls the digital side. In our day-to-day life, most of the things around us are non-fungible items. They all look unique and cannot be 100% replaced.


My computer. There are thousands like that but mine is the only one to have this serial number, this wear, this number of years, this software installed on it, etc. It is non-fungible.

NFTs provide a solution to unify virtual objects and it can concern all kinds of things :

  • Images
  • Videos
  • Sounds

Therefore we use the blockchain to certify that such an element has been undermined on the blockchain at such a time, that it belongs to such a person and no one will ever be able to modify that or say the opposite.

How to create an NFT yourself ?

In fact, anything in a computer’s documents can become NFTs. Creating an NFT is a fairly broad concept because any virtual realization is an NFT in the making.

Your latest family vacation photos can become NFTs in minutes.

To create an NFT, you must start by defining what you want to create : an image, an audio file, a video, a text file?

The most well-known use case in NFTs today are images.

The standard practices of selling NFT often involve creating a collection that contains several works under the same concept. That said, you can very well sell a single NFT.

So it is possible to choose any format to create an NFT and that is the reason why some music artists are now releasing NFT clips. All you need to do is have the clip on video and upload it to a blockchain for it to become an NFT.

To create an NFT, you must therefore already choose and define what you want to do concretely.

Create an NFT for free

There are thousands of ways to create an NFT. Depending on the format you have decided on, you must use suitable software.

Creating an NFT is totally free as long as you can use whatever you want to create it.

For example, you can very well create an image on Paint and put it on a blockchain so that it is an NFT.

Sell NFT on a secure marketplace

When you have created the objects that you want to convert into NFT and sell, you have to put them on a blockchain and make them available on a marketplace so that people can buy them.

Nothing could be simpler, just follow a few steps.

Here we will show you how to sell your NFTs on a marketplace (sales platform) but the process is similar on all the others.

Selling NFTs on OpenSea

The platform we have chosen for this article is OpenSea, a marketplace specializing in NFTs.

Step 1

Go to OpenSea.

2nd step

Log in using a previously created wallet. OpenSea is compatible with Metamask which is one of the best known and easiest to open wallets.

In reality, you don’t have to create an OpenSea account for yourself, it is created automatically when you link your wallet.

Your account is therefore linked to your wallet.

Step 3

Click at the top right on “Create”. You arrive on the NFT creation page.

Step 4

You must upload the document that will be your NFT.

Step 5

You must then give a name to your NFT. You can write a description and link it to a collection.

If it is part of a collection, you can assign characteristics to each NFT to differentiate them and give them commonalities.

Example: you create a collection of characters, you can put labels on them such as “man” “wearing a hat” etc. to help you find them.

You also choose the blockchain on which you want to mine your NFT.

Step 6

Click on “Create” and your NFT is created.

Step 7

Your NFT is created and public.

At this point, people can visit the page and make offers. When you receive an offer, you can accept it and proceed to sell the NFT.

Step 8

At any time, you can transfer your NFT to an address by following the same procedure as if you were transferring cryptocurrency tokens. You click on “Transfer” and enter an address located on the same blockchain as your NFT.

Step 9

You can also give your NFT a sale price so that people can buy it without having to make offers.

To do this, click on “Sell” and set a selling price. The downside is that you have to pay a fee when you list it for sale this way. On the Ethereum blockchain, the fees are very high.

By working with offers, you only pay the fees knowing that someone is going to buy your NFT from you.

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