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cTrader 2023 tutorial : How to use the trading platform ?

cTrader 2023 tutorial : How to use the trading platform ?

In the crypto horizon, cTrader is the new platform that brokers are turning to. In this article, we will explain how to use the platform and set up your account. We will answer any questions you may have about the cTrader trading platform.


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Presentation of the cTrader trading platform

cTrader is a trading platform that offers investors a complete tool that allows them to follow the price of assets such as FOREX and open/close positions in real time on the markets.

The platform is developed by the company Spotware and benefits from expanding into a market largely dominated, until now, by the giant MetaTrader with its MT4 and MT5 software.

cTrader offers pc software, a mobile application downloadable on Apple and Android as well as a WebTrader which is an online tool accessible directly from your broker which allows you to use the cTrader tool within your browser.

The competitor of MetaTrader 4 offers an intuitive and very complete interface. Traders, both amateur and experienced, will appreciate the multitude of tools offered by cTrader. It contains all the most important indicators and a complete configuration of the graphs.

The cTrader platform offers exclusive features like an in-app copytrading called cMirror. Traders can share and submit their trades to the community who can follow them automatically.

They also offer their version of what MetaTrader users know with Experts Advisors which allows you to create trading robots. On cTrader, we find cAlgo which offers the development of indicators and trading robots via the C# language.

In short, cTrader is a fast, intuitive platform on which we find the tools used by traders, the features they are looking for and which make their lives easier, but also different types of market depths, different types of orders (market, QuickTrade, etc.).

How to install cTrader and start trading ?

cTrader is a trading platform, but it is not a trader. That is to say, it allows traders to place orders on the various financial markets, but it is not the one who offers the contracts.

To be able to trade, you must first register with a broker who will provide you with financial services (access to markets, upward or downward contract purchases, etc.). cTrader will help you for the technical part: placing your trade, studying prices, using indicators, etc.

To start using cTrader, your broker must offer its services through this platform. For the example, we will install cTrader via the broker Pepperstone which offers demo accounts and especially the cTrader trading platform.

Create an account with Pepperstone

To create an account, simply log on to and click on “Open an account” at the top right. Then follow the registration steps you prefer to create your account.

After having filled in the few basic information requested in the form, we offer you :

  • To open a real account
  • To open a demo account

For the example of this article, we will create a demo account.

You must then choose the platform on which you want to trade, the type of account, the desired capital.

Select the following information and click “Submit”.

Download and configure cTrader

When you have registered and chosen cTrader as your platform, you will receive your username and password by email. These will be used to configure cTrader.

Now is the time to download cTrader. You have 2 possibilities :

  1. Download the mobile app by going to the App Store or the Google Play Store
  2. Download the PC software by going to and clicking on “Download cTrader” at the bottom of the homepage

Whether on the pc or mobile version, you will be asked when you first log in to log in with your cTrader ID. The latter was sent to you in the confirmation email after you registered with your broker.

Go see the email you received called: “Welcome to cTrader ID”. In the email, you see that you have a cTrader ID but that you are offered to generate your password.

By clicking on this button, you are redirected to a page where you set yourself a password of your choice for your trading application. Choose it and validate your choice.

When you have created your cTrader ID, you can return to the application of your choice and connect your account using these identifiers.

You then arrive on the cTrader home page which allows you to access all the features offered by the platform.

The pc version of cTrader

If you decide to use the cTrader version on pc, you arrive on this home page :

ctrader logiciel pc accueil

Several windows and parameters can be observed.

The main features menu

The menu on the left presents the features of cTrader :

  • Trade : gives you access to the financial assets offered by your broker. For example: Forex, Rare metals, commodities, indices, cryptocurrencies, etc.). You can, from this menu, add the graph of an asset to your main window in the center
  • Copy : this is the copytrading feature offered by cTrader. Copytrading takes place outside the platform on the broker’s webtrader
  • Automate : this is the functionality that allows you to code a trading robot in C# language
  • Analyse : it is your personal dashboard which includes the history of trades, traded amounts, etc.

If you click on the bar of the active feature, it collapses to the left to enlarge the main screen.

The main screen

We then find the screen that allows us to trade. In the image below, the chart of the chosen financial asset, the Tradewatch below and the panel of active symbols on the right.

ctrader logiciel pc graphique trade

It is possible to completely set the color of charts, candles, etc. by right-clicking on the graph then “Color options”.

The upper menu allows you to configure everything :

  • You can first place an order by clicking on “New order”
  • The next button allows you to save a workspace that you have configured so that you don’t have to lose it when you disconnect
  • Then a button to activate and deactivate the Tradewatch and the active symbols panel on the right
  • The “multi chart” button allows you to split the screen into 4 parts to put 4 different charts
  • The “single chart” mode returns the multi chart to a single chart
  • We then have a “free chart” mode where we can arrange the graphics as we wish on the screen
  • A shortcut to add an asset to the chart
  • Zoom in and out
  • Chart types: you choose your chart type between Japanese candlesticks, bar chart, line chart, dot chart, etc.
  • Indicators: we can add indicators to our charts from this button
  • Drawings: this button allows us to access features for drawing on graphics
  • Hide all drawings: this button deactivates all drawings created
  • Save template: allows you to save the graphics settings
  • Time data: allows you to change the time of a candle, or a point

Trade with cTrader

To place an order can be done in several ways on cTrader. Either via the panel on the right or via “New order”. In both cases, we choose the type of trade between:

  • Trade at market price
  • Trade limit
  • Trade-stop
  • Trade stop limit

We then choose the quantity of lots and the market spread (in pips). It is then possible (and advisable) to place a stop loss and a take profit, which are the securities in case your trade does not go as you want.

The mobile version of cTrader

The mobile version is comparable to the pc software but it is simplified and more intuitive.

When you connect to the mobile app, you arrive directly on the home page with a list of assets :

ctrader accueil mobile

When you click on an asset, you arrive on its graph and with buttons that allow you to place a trade quickly.

ctrader actif mobile

From the home page, you can access the main menu by clicking on the top left.

ctrader menu mobile

It is from this menu that you manage cTrader deposits and withdrawals, that you can place a trade or manage your account.

Trade on the mobile version

To open a trade on the mobile version, it is very simple. You can go through the asset page with the buy or sell button. You can then only choose the size of your position, but the trade is basic.

If you want more options, you have to go through “New order” in the menu. From there, it is possible to choose the type of trade you want to place as on the pc version (market, limit, stop, stop limit) and to set a stop loss and a take profit.

ctrader trade mobile

The other pages in mobile version

Returning to the home page, you can see a menu at the bottom of the application which offers 3 other pages than the one you are on :

  • Copy
  • Blotter
  • Deposit

The Copy page offers an easy and accessible copytrading functionality from the application directly. We see on the page the different profiles offered as well as their strategy. Then, one can in one click start following their trades automatically.

ctrader copytrading mobile

The Blotter page is a news page on which there are articles about events that can mark financial news and influence prices.

ctrader blotter page mobile

The Deposits page is a withdrawal and deposit page. You can deposit capital there to trade or withdraw the profits you want.

ctrader mobile deposit

Our cTrader review: what about the trading platform ?

After browsing the cTrader platform, we will give you our opinion. cTrader presents itself today as a very good competitor to the leader MT4 and MT5. The latter are definitely the first in terms of market share.

However, MetaTrader is having a tough time with delisting from the App Store.

It turns out that cTrader happens to be a great alternative that could pick up the slack from a well-established market leader but on a downward slope.

From a platform point of view, cTrader offers a certain ease of use. The mobile app is very intuitive and easy to use. For its part, the PC software is also very effective with more advanced features such as the development of trading robots.

We particularly welcome the copytrading offered by cTrader. It is a highly sought-after feature today that does not leave investors indifferent. The trading platform offers easy copytrading via its app: users can start tracking investor trades with just a few clicks.

cTrader user reviews

cTrader is not yet a well-known platform, but it is gaining in popularity. We went to find out about its online reputation with its own users.

On the Trustpilot review site, cTrader scores 3.9/5 for 20 reviews. Users are generally satisfied with the platform. They praise the tool’s efficiency, speed and intuitiveness.

Some positive cTrader reviews say it is the best trading platform out there.

The future will tell us if cTrader will gain market share, but the tide could well be turning in the right direction for the platform!

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